How To Purchase

Currently Heartstring Handwovens works on a custom-woven basis only.

While we have plans to sell in stock items in various sizes, at this time we weave only custom.

How it works is we set up the loom with what’s called a “Colorway”. These are typically named, and have a story attached to them.

This is the warp, and it’s colors cannot be changed.

We accept orders on each warp until the loom is filled, meaning all yardage is spoken for.

We offer many different weft fiber and color combinations.

The end product truly is up to you!

We offer consulting on what weft color and fiber you would like based on the overall finished product feel you’re desiring and the purpose you’re hoping it serves.

Weft color will affect the overall feel of the warp. Many people choose to combine multiple weft colors as tail accents, or blessing threads.

(Photos to follow).

Once a warp is all filled and woven, the colorway will be retired, never to be woven or replicated again.

This is the nature of our handwoven product.

Each item is truly one of a kind..

Being able to customize your piece is  an exciting experience, and we are pleased to work with you in any way we can.

When a new colorway releases, we typically post it on our Facebook page.

We debut the colorway with multiple weft color samples, and then open a form for ordering.

If there are any question, we happily take them on either our Facebook page utilizing the messenger setting, or via email using HeartieMail@gmail.com.

Whichever route you choose, you will be greeted with kindness by either me personally (Taj), or one of our amazing  admins on the page!

We are blessed to work with such an amazing team.

We hope this helps you to understand our process, and look forward to weaving excellence for you!